General Questions
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Where can I find information on pricing and upgrades?
Click on the appropriate link to view information on:

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Where can I find information about the Attach Plus refund policy?
The Attach Plus purchasing page contains information about the Attach Plus refund policy.

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What type of Ongoing Support does Attach Plus Provide?
We provide email support to licensed users via our support system at (response within 24 hours, M-F)

If you prefer to receive telephone and desktop support, or have a request that requires a technician to log into your workstation, there is a $95/incident fee. Payment is required up front. Please submit a ticket if you wish to sign up for desktop support

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Where can I find the Attach Plus privacy policy?
The Attach Plus privacy policy is located at

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How do I find my Attach Plus license number?
To determine your Attach Plus license number:
  1. With Attach Plus running, right-click on the yellow Attach Plus icon in your system tray and select "Settings"
  2. Switch to the Licensing tab"
  3. Your current license number will be shown
If you do not have access to Attach Plus to locate your license number, please e-mail us at to request your license number. Please be sure to provide the e-mail address you used when you purchased your Attach Plus license.

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