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What is the Attach Plus Early Access Program?
We make versions of Attach Plus available before we release them to the general public. This allows us to receive feedback on how things are implemented, and address issues that may not arise in our testing configurations.

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How can I obtain an Early Access release of Attach Plus?
Contact Attach Plus support (support@attachplus.com) with a subject containing the words 'Early Access' and a brief description of what functionality you are looking for.

We will send you an 'Update Type' that you can use in the following procedure to obtain the early access installer:
  1. Right click on the Attach Plus system tray icon and choose Settings
  2. Switch to the Updates tab
  3. Change the Update Type to that provided by Attach Plus support. Note that update types do not contain spaces.
  4. Click Check Now
  5. Follow on-screen instructions to download and run the early access installer

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If I set the Update Type, will that prevent me from getting future non-Early Access updates?
No. Our update system will provide you with Early Access updates or regular release updates, whichever is newer.

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